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Do you know your ayurvedic body type

Understand Ayurvedic Constitution

You may know that with the Ayurvedic body types, there is the concept of your original constitution (prakruti, the constitution from the moment of conception). From that moment, environmental factors, hereditary factors and imbalances from our parents, emotional factors, psychological factors start to build up. 

Forget the doshas Use the qualities!

For people new to Ayurveda, the easiest approach is using the 10 pairs of Qualities (gunas) to adjust food & lifestyle factors. You can quickly determine which qualities are most present at the moment for you, and which might be exacerbating your health issue.


Self-Care During Menopause

I have served hundreds of women to dissolve strong symptoms during menopause and address the decades-old built-up imbalances that are driving the whole mess. Because previous dormant imbalances built up over years seem to manifest at the time of menopause.

Get Authentic Ayurvedic Treatment Today

Restore vitality to your body and mind with the powerful techniques of nutrition, herbal preparations and Ayurvedic detox. Reset your body’s natural healing and step into healthy habits for your eating & sleeping.

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Free 5 Day Detox

This health sprint comes with daily information-packed videos, audio, and free guided advice in a Facebook group just for people who are making big changes, too.


Our audio library has even more resources for you to learn from. From doshas to ayurveda basics, there are tons of topics and lessons here for you.

Ayurveda Articles

Check out our amazing library of Ayurveda Articles filled with recipes, herbs, seasonal information, and so much more. New resources are uploaded weekly!

Video Library

Our growing video library of masterclasses taught by Susan are easily searchable and contains hours of material for you to learn all about Ayurveda.

Vitality Recharge

You only get one body. Are you going to let bad habits break it down? Or will you build good habits to strengthen it up? Get back to bold living with practical wisdom unlocked from the secrets of Ayurveda & Yoga. Become the best version of You!


Healing at Atma Ayurveda begins with a plan for your coaching program & treatments. At the core of what we do at Atma Ayurveda are programs that I’ve sculpted programs that allow me to effectively give extremely personalized advice. 


After panchakarma, the mind becomes very clear, but the body remains delicate for about a month. It is enters a longer phase where it is rewiring itself around how it can function in this new clean reality with high functioning cells & tissues.

The results are in – Can Vitality Recharge give you 30% more energy, too?

Some statistics from the course:

• Headaches reduced in intensity from 2/10 to 9/10
• Dramatic improvements in family dynamics
• Energy – average
• Weight loss, or skills to gain weight if low weight was the challenge


Value of the course also includes an average savings of:

• €90 on food & drinks per month
• €375/year on medical appointments, prescriptions supplements and splurges that used to make me feel worse

That’s a savings of €1455/year per person!

• 89% I eat a healthier diet
• 78% I’ve developed better self-care habits
• 78% I’ve learned the daily habits for longevity and aging
• 67% I feel better in my body
• 67% I have more energy
• 56% I’m more rested or I sleep better
• 45% Improved my yoga or exercise
• 33% My relationships have improved!

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