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Stop settling for anything less than absolute, radiant vitality!

Here’s what we’re going to do:    

Day 1

Get started with what to eat during your Ayurveda Cleanse Health Sprint.

Day 2

I share with you a Breath Detox regimen to help you get your physical and pranic body moving well.

Day 3

When is the #1 time your body is cleaning itself out? When you’re sleeping! I help you tackle how to get longer and deeper sleep to enhance detoxification.

Day 4

Get moving with exercise that’s right for you. Whether you’re too stagnant or too exhausted, I’ve got great advice for you.

Day 5

I teach you how to keep up the benefits and build habits to reach your health goals.

This health sprint comes with daily information-packed videos, audio, and free guided advice in a Facebook group just for people who are making big changes, too.

Susan specializes in women’s health & menopause, stress, and burnout.

Susan teaches how to use Ayurveda & Yoga to address specific health concerns. She helps people learn practical ways to transform their health and vitality.

A long-time classical Hatha yogini (since 1999) and instructor (2005), Susan also trained in Ayurvedic Yoga, which effectively uses yoga asanas according to the medical condition and body type to restore optimum health.

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