Client Question:
Do I need to use supplements?

Susan Pulley, Q & A

5 June 2015

Whenever there is a concern about improving vitamins & minerals in the body, it is important not to jump directly to supplements.

According to Ayurveda, there are 3 basic considerations that you must have in place for nutrient uptake to work properly.


  1. Make sure you eat quality whole foods
  2. Make sure your digestive power is strong enough to break them down
  3. Make sure the gut’s ability to take up digested nutrients is optimal.

Otherwise, even if you eat the best quality organic foods, you cannot absorb the benefits.

With an Ayurvedic consultation, we don’t skip any steps!

-You get advice to improve all 3.


Cleansing the 
Ayurvedic Way


or Imbalances


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