❄️ Ghee for sauteeing
❄️ 5 cm piece of ginger, chopped
❄️ 1 package soft silken tofu
❄️ ½ cup julienned carrots
❄️ 1 courgette (zuchinni) cut into half rounds
❄️ Pak soy (bok choy) sliced into thin strips
❄️ ½ cup sliced radishes or Daikon
❄️ 2+ tablespoons tamari to taste
❄️ 1 liter water
❄️ 1 tablespoon miso paste
❄️ 250g vermicelli rice noodles


❄️ Coriander leaves for garnish
❄️ Lime for sprinkling
❄️ Toasted sesame oil


1. Saute chopped ginger in ghee for a few minutes.
2. Press excess water out of tofu, add to ginger and stir to break up.
3. Add carrots and courgette, radish, sauteeing until softened, and later pak soy
4. Add the tamari and sautee for a couple minutes, stirring the flavor into the veggies
5. Add the water and once it comes to a low boil, add the rice noodles
6. Meanwhile, in a small bowl mix the miso into a small amount of warm water to make a paste
7. Once the noodles are softened, turn off the heat and stir in the miso paste
8. Add additional tamari to taste
9 Optionally add toasted sesame oil, coriander leaves as garnish and squeeze of lime juice if you like.

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