Garlic honey is a simple, powerful home remedy to bomb out incoming colds the moment you feel your immunity dipping down. It’s also a great way for heart patients to get their daily dose of that super important garlic, with the scraping drying effect of honey. Thanks to Lynn Shore of Urban Herbology for introducing me to this potent remedy!

To make:
1. Gather a clean, dry glass jar.
2. Break open 10-15 cloves of garlic and place into the glass jar. Optional to remove the skins, but don’t chop, just leave the cloves whole.
3. Pour runny honey over, covering the garlic completely.
4. Cover, but leave the lid slightly ajar to allow air to escape.
5. Place on a saucer and leave in a dry cupboard for 3-6 weeks.
6. Even after 1 week, the infusion can be eaten, though the garlic cloves themselves will have a pungent edge to it still.

How to take:
For heart, immunity and other medicinal effects: Take 1 clove daily.

Other ideas:
Eat a spoon of the garlic-infused honey.
Drizzle over dishes just before serving for a marinade-type kick. (But remember, don’t cook honey)

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