Lose Weight with Panchakarma
It’s inspiring to see that so many women are overcoming body-image insecurities and have done the deep work of feeling satisfied with their bodies. Many women feel better about their bodies than they ever have before.

Many women start coming into their own from their mid-thirties, and definitely into their forties. We feel better about ourselves. We’ve made the choice, and done the work, to shrug off the voices of perfection and self-criticism we may have learned as teenagers.

Many of us now see what we used to think were flaws as our sexiest assets.

This has been my observation with clients and course members, who tend to have found a lot of confidence in who they are at this stage in life.

Maybe that’s why it seems people are hesitant to admit they want to lose weight these days.

It could be we’re afraid that if we say that we want to lose weight and improve how we look, we’ll be misunderstood to lack confidence, or judged to care too much about our looks and be interpreted as superficial. (Which, being savvy women with full personalities, we are definitely not!)

I’m so thrilled to see the tides changing, and that many people are feeling more satisfied and content with their image.

But doesn’t it seem if someone shares their discontent with their weight or image, people around you try to shut them down?

Nowadays admitting that you want to lose weight invites a bit of criticism. It’s looked down upon if you state that one of your motivations for trying a healthier lifestyle.

but what if you secretly want to lose weight

Let’s start by assuming it is not mutually exclusive to be content with our bodies and also want to lose weight. Let’s assume we can have confidence – genuine confidence – and still want to shed a bit of extra weight.

Does that open the possibility to freely admit to ourselves and others that, while we’ve come to a place of feeling really good about our bodies, something inside us also wants a lighter, fitter, slimmer figure.

When we create non-judgy space for ourselves to voice our desire, it becomes easier to take action to get the results we want.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be all-consuming, sacrificial, and crash diets.

Here’s a bit about how Ayurveda helps people lose weight that doesn’t feel abrupt but gets results.


Ayurveda Techniques for Effective Weight Loss:

  • Finding the right nutritional diet for your body type
  • Adjusting the timing of your food to optimize metabolism and support weight loss
  • Learning correct timing for movement to optimize metabolism
  • Relaxation techniques that allow the body to let psychologically let go of weight that protects us from stress and injury
  • Coaching to feel fulfilled in broader life, so we don’t only turn to food to feel full
  • Panchakarma detox therapies


Ayurveda Do's and Dont's

Medicinal Method

Panchakarma is not about weight loss, but weight loss is very often an outcome. 

That’s because it effectively streamlines metabolism. It clears out metabolic waste, and enhances the function of the organs that are responsible for detoxification. It re-informs the organs that control metabolism.


Ayurvedic treatments, including Panchakarma, are of 2 types: 

  1. When there is depletion in the body increasing/nourishing/building for when you are exhausted or need to recover, nutrify or increase body tissues (blood, muscle, bone, reproductive tissue etc)
  2. When there is excess in the body decreasing/reducing/lightening for decreasing body tissue (clogged lymph, excess blood, lipids and fat tissue etc)


Panchakarma is always at least slightly in the reducing category, and so will include treatments in the nourishing category afterwards to compensate. How much nourishing you need afterwards depends on your unique situation and will be guided by your practitioner.


People often experience direct weight loss during Panchakarma, but don’t underestimate how the weight loss can continue for months afterwards. This is due to all the extra organ efficiency created during Panchakarma.


Also, my clients always start with Vitality Recharge to upgrade lifestyle habits before their Panchakarma, which kicks off the weight loss and cleansing process in a big way even before treatments start, and supports them to maintain it afterwards.

Vitality Recharge

Vitality Recharge for Weight Loss

As I’m writing, it’s halfway through the 10-week summer season of the Ayurveda foundation program I facilitate called Vitality Recharge.


From what I’ve seen from the Vitality Recharge, participants who didn’t even set out to lose weight are pleasantly surprised when they do. 


“I lost weight, and that wasn’t even one of my explicit goals. It’s something people want, but we don’t want advertised to the world”, said one participant. From what I’ve seen, her sentiment is quite representative. 

Watch testimonials of participants who’ve lost significant weight here

By now, we lead full lives, we have great personalities, we have a sense of purpose. And I would be happy to lose a little weight too. We’re not obsessed with body image. And, we’d be happy to lose a little weight.

Susan Pulley

I lead programs that help people actually do the Ayurveda non-negotiables that lead to thriving health & vitality. I help women do what they know they should do to get their lives back from fatigue and hormone imbalance, so they feel energized and vibrant.

I’m a trained Ayurvedic practitioner with over a decade of clinical and teaching experience. My specialties are women’s hormones, menopause, low energy and burnout.

Susan Pulley, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Instructor

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