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You’ve tried it alone . . .

. . . and now you’re savvy enough to know how much easier change is with smart & strategic help

Are you 1 in 20

In over 10 years of clinical practice I observed that despite the best information only about 1 in 20 people implement Ayurveda effectively

What is it that those 5% do differently that they were the ones who got to feel dramatically healthy, happy, confident and aligned?

They situate themselves within a structure that guarantees change at a pace the nervous system can handle, so they can systematically clean out their bodies and, most importantly, re-organize their lives around approaching stress differently, eating differently, moving their bodies differently, breathing differently, and they created time for self-care.

Welcome Intensive

Specially designed to welcome new clients! Start with fresh nutrition and lifestyle advice, and keep them going strong!

We’ll begin with a 75 min intake, plus a 45 minute follow up about 2 weeks later. First, we’ll take a through health assessment through the lens of Ayurveda. We’ll decide a trajectory & you’ll be given starting dietary guidelines to balance your condition, and you may be advised herbs and specific recommendations from the varied Ayurveda toolbox.

Before your Appointment: 

  • comprehensive health assessment
  • get started on your first video lesson in the Member Hub

Appointment 1: Assessment & Coaching 

  • 75-minute Intake appointment
  • kick off recommendations including herbs and goodies from the Ayurveda toolbox
  • Video Lesson 2 is waiting for you in the Member Hub


Appointment 2: Review & Refine

  • adjust & understand any questions that came up in between
  • next level of advices and improvements
  • Video Lesson 3 is waiting for you in the Member Hub



Appointment 3: Strategy & Integration

  • review the key transformational practices you’ve learned so far
  • put a strategy in place of how to stabilize your improvements so you don’t regress
  • how to continue ongoing support and accountability

Book Your Welcome Program

Glow Transformation

3 month intensive


Our Glow level coaching program includes private intensive coaching for a single season to give you massive breakthroughs, plus annual access to reinforce it in the following seasons via the Vitality Recharge


Weekly Ayurveda lessons one-to-one with Susan to accelerate your lifestyle transformation and get results fast. Full guidance and access to Vitality Recharge video lessons and member hub. Valid for a single season (12 weeks).

  • A 90 minute Initial Health Evaluation by Susan
  • An Implementation Plan: the first few simple steps you can implement right away following the Breakthrough Session
  • 9 coaching sessions  (up to 45 mins) the first season
  • Priority email access to me for quick-questions over email
  • Personalized nutrition, lifestyle and herbal recommendations as things improve


Plus, get continued support past the first intensive season with the Vitality Recharge Annual Pass, and all its benefits (€2750 value)

Ready to Get Started

Answer a few short questions.

Help me get to know a bit about you and what changes you’d like to experience.

I try to answer within 1-2 business days.


Ready to Get Started

It all starts with your complimentary 20 minute Health Strategy Session.The Ayurveda Clinic focuses on long-lasting health solutions, therefore, we suggest you start with a 20-health strategy session to then see which package/treatment best suits your needs.

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