HEAD MASSAGE + KARANA PURANA for Jaw, Headache and Sleep relief


Jaw, neck and head tension | 30 minutes | €60 or €10 as an add-on

Special herbal oil drops soak in the ear while the jaw and surrounding area are massaged.


The best treatment for jaw tension, and especially effective for neck pain and strain when combined with nasya. Also, benefits ringing sensation in the ear, headache, earache, hearing loss, excessive earwax, suppressed anger and unresolved emotions, nervousness, insomnia, and stress. Strongly Vata reducing and a must-have in the change of seasons.

Contraindications: a history of ear puncture, acute or frequent ear infections, history of water frequently getting stuck in the ear (for example, while swimming).

Ayurvedic therapies work best in a series.


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