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Before the course I had complete lack of energy

  I came to the Vitality Recharge with an autoimmune disorder that among other things caused liver problems and rather extreme bowel trouble. I had episodes when I would get a stomachache, have to run really urgently to the toilet, and became difficult to make...

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2 types of Hydration

Hydration is so important to your body. It's so important you are actually 70% water! Think about all the activities you do each day that require water. After you work out, eating, and so much more! But did you know there are actually 2 types of hydration? Watch this...

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Energy & Women’s Hormones 5 min clip

How is your energy these days? A better question might be what is going on with your hormones! Most women don't realize just how connected to two can be to one another. Check out this video to learn more.

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Detox & Panchakarma webinar

Panchakarma An Ayurvedic cleanse or treatment intensive It starts by following a special diet for a week before treatments. Then you’ll receive a week of massage and ayurvedic treatments to prepare your body for an at-home cleansing technique. The third week is...

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Using Warm Oil to Balance Moods

Masterclass video! How Ayurveda Uses Warm Oil to Balance Moods Ayurvedic texts promise delayed aging from daily self-massage with sesame, beauty & good vision from Nasya oil, thick hair resistant to graying with oil on the head a long list of other benefits from A...

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