Welcome Intensive

This kickoff program is specially designed to welcome new clients.

It’s a short sprint to get you on the right track & get familiar with the work.



A Long Term Solution

This will go a long way to preparing your inner ecosystem to be ready for the refined higher-level Ayurveda adjustments that are eventually needed for sustained healing.

How It Works


Before your Appointment: Get Clear

I’ll send you a comprehensive health assessment to help you get clear about where you’ve been and where you’d like to go. You’ll align with your most important health priorities and get clear as to what dimension of your health needs the most attention.

You’ll get Welcome-level access to the Atma Member Hub and get started on your first video lesson, which will set us up for your 75 min Intake appointment.

Appointment 1: Assessment & Coaching 

In a 75-minute appointment, we’ll review your health assessment and give you an idea of what’s happening with any imbalances in your internal ecosystem through the lens of Ayurveda. We’ll decide a trajectory & you’ll be given starting dietary guidelines to balance your condition, and you may be advised herbs and specific recommendations from the varied Ayurveda toolbox, including personalized nutrition and lifestyle counseling, and breath and movement techniques.

Video Lesson 2 is ready for you in the Atma Welcome Program Hub

Appointment 2: Review & Refine

After 2 weeks, we’ll meet or call to go through any questions that you have that cropped up in between as you’ve been working with the recommendations and herbs, and modify any recommendations needed. We’ll draw from concepts from the Video lesson and give explantions how it is relevant to your condition. We will go into more advanced advices, and how you can improve.

Video Lesson 3 is waiting for you in the Atma Welcome Program Hub

Appointment 3: Strategy & Integration

We’ll review the key transformational practices you’ve learned so far and you should be coming away with in your implementation plan.  You’ve got the keys to achieve your Best Health, and become your Best Self. If you could use ongoing support and accountability, we can talk about what it would look like to keep working together. What’s important now is to have a strategy in place of how to stabilize your improvements so you don’t regress, and identify the next step of support to create amazing, life-fulfilling habits to last for years to come.

Progression of Support

Old Friends

If your condition has been in existence for more than three months, it’s likely that you will need a long lasting health solution. So we suggest that you starts with your complimentary 20 minute Health Strategy Session.The Ayurveda Clinic focuses on long-lasting health solutions, therefore, we suggest you start with a 20-health strategy session to then see which package/treatment best suits your needs.

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