An Ayurvedic cleanse or treatment intensive

It starts by following a special diet for a week before treatments. Then you’ll receive a week of massage and ayurvedic treatments to prepare your body for an at-home cleansing technique. The third week is dedicated to resting and easing back into eating foods which are appropriate to your constitution.

All Panchakarma candidates follow the Atma Ayurveda Annual Pass so that you can maintain the results you get from the cleanse. This is structured out of experience: I have seen many, many people finish panchakarma in India, then leave the treatment center, travel around or travel back home and have serious setbacks or even worse.

If you are new to panchakarma, it is is only natural that you underestimate to protect the time needed after.  We are all out of touch with what I call “bio time” – allowing the body the time it needs, rather that what fits into out busy schedules. Where there’s a every human on the planet will get to the end and stop, then go back to ‘real life’.

After panchakarma, the mind becomes very clear,

but the body remains delicate at first, for about a month. It is enters a longer phase where it is rewiring itself around how it can function in this new, clean reality with higher functioning cells and tissues, and upregulating those functions.

This is a process of your biological body and needs to follow ‘ “bio time”. I personally have seen panchakarma’s effects extending into 3 months, which is fantastic!! But it also gives the obvious challenge: you’ve already taken precious time out of your schedule to interrupt disease progress, how are you going to continue to support that AND go back to full time work, play and social life?

So to allow the maximum extension of the effects, and protect the process,  there needs to be a structured support in place to help the individual continue the results & avoid going straight back into damaging eating, lifestyle or stress patterns.

Detox Options

Our PK uniquely gives you support for 1 year

before & after!

From pre-PK prep to post-PK glow and beyond, I’ve got your back for an entire year!

I am not about to see you do such good work during your Panchakarma only to slide back into old habits that no longer serve you. So your treatment intensive program also includes these features to preserve your PK results and keep you moving further into your new vital self!


  • Panchakarma treatment intensive
  • Access to add a la carte clinic treatments for the duration of your program



 Consultations included for the year:

  • Initial Health Evaluation by Susan
  • 8 one-on-one VIP Consultations 
  • 3 extra Seasonal Herbal Recommendations for your body constitution (20 mins check-ins)
  • Laser coaching 1-1 sessions during the Vitality Recharge (3 per course season)

Health Upgrade Courses included for the year: 

  • Vitality Recharge (multiple rounds per year)
  • Including Weekly Live Coaching Calls
  • Private health forum for Q&A’s
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Health Sprint Challenges

Events & Retreats included for the year:

  • Access pass to Seasonal Mini-Retreat Days
  • Access Pass to Retreats
  • Having a chance to hang out with Susan, be in her inner circle and be in the right conversation

This DEFINES the holistic health experience.


How long will I need for a full PK? 

Pre-PK  Follow the Vitality Recharge to prime yourself for an upgrade (included)

Phase 1  Intensive Pre-treatment Preparation (7+ days)

Phase 2  Treatment Intensive (5-10 days)

Phase 3  Rejuvenation Week (7 days minimum) 

Can Cleansing help me? 

  • Menopause & hormone health
  • Immunity
  • Digestion
  • Stress
  • Daily Rhythms
  • Major life changes
  • Pre-and Post-operations
  • Nutrition
  • Weight
  • Sleep
  • Vitality
  • Pre-pregnancy
  • Moods & Depression

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